Biovene Barcelona Island wonder Magic Bullet Collada


Island Wonder + Purifying-Refreshing-Hydrating + Youthful-looking Skin + Heal-Protect-Moisturize-Rejuvenate + Natural Ingredients + Skin Cleansing Made Easier and Convenient + DIY Powder-to-sheet, 6.7g

Inspiring Madagascar paradise do-it-yourself treatment, Island Wonder’s Magic Bullet Colada purifies, refreshes and hydrates skin with the benefits from Cocoa, Coconut and Pineapple.

For all skin types. All-natural powder-to-sheet mask freshly mixed at home without chemical preservatives and stabilizers for a clean beauty facial experience. Water neutral, vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

  • Heal – Contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that remove bacteria to help heal the inflamed skin.
  • Protect – Formulated with anti-oxidants that safeguard the skin from free radicals.
  • Moisturize – Maintains skin moisture to keep it from getting rough and dry.
  • Rejuvenate – Potent in Vitamin E, Flavanols and other nutrients that make skin youthful-looking no matter what your age.

No matter where we are, the skin is always exposed to toxins, pollutants and micro-particles that may harm our skin.  Wholla! No worries, Biovène Island Wonder is here. Well-studied natural ingredients are combined together to help purify our skin. It’s a mixture of highly selected tropical bounty, specially formulated to maintain its effectiveness and packed in a nifty and handy packaging.

Biovène Island Wonder contains Pineapple that purifies skin in a refreshing way. It’s like having a Magic Bullet Collada that you can carry with you wherever island you may go. 

Powder-to-sheet mask is a well thought transformation that makes skin cleansing easier and more convenient.

  • Purifying – Removes harmful contaminants that the skin gets from the environment.

  • Refreshing – Enhances skin hydration, leaving skin feeling clean and cool.

  • Hydrating – Enhances water absorption in the skin, making it soft, supple and glowing.

 Key Ingredients: Cocoa, Coconut and Pineapple


Cocoa is potent of antioxidants, which fight free radicals that are harmful to skin cells, that keep the skin healthy and young looking. It is rich in flavanols that are proven effective to heal sun damaged skin. It helps the skin from premature aging because it has Vitamin E that boosts production of collagen.


Coconut has anti-inflammatory components that treat skin conditions such as eczema and acne. It also has anti-bacterial properties that prevent acne from surfacing again. Coconut is also used to improve hydration and heal dry skin.


Pineapple has bromelain enzymes that relieve the skin from pain and swelling. This makes pineapple an effective ingredient to treat pimple, acne and other skin inflammation. It freshens and hydrates that makes the skin glow.


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