Biovene Barcelona Karma Ritual Zen Temple Peace


Karma Ritual + Soothing-Revitalizing-Calming + Recharge-Exfoliate-Anti-Bacterial-Renew + Relieve from Stress + Natural Ingredients + Skin Cleansing Made Easier and Convenient + DIY Powder-to-sheet, 6.7g

Transforming DIY experience with a sacred Tibetan Buddhist inspired recipe, Karma Ritual’s Zen Temple Peace with Matcha Green Tea, Turmeric and Sandalwood help revitalize, soothe and calm skin.

For all skin types. All-natural powder-to-sheet mask freshly mixed at home without chemical preservatives and stabilizers for a clean beauty facial experience. Water neutral, vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

  • Recharge – Provides skin the nutrients needed to bring back its health, vitality and glow.
  • Exfoliate – Lifts dead skin that encourage dirt and bacteria build-up.
  • Anti-bacterial – Wash away bacteria and prevents skin from bacterial attack.
  • Renew – Encourages skin renewal to get rid of blemished skin and reveal a brighter skin.

Biovène Karma Ritual is more than just cleansing the skin but also cleansing your senses. It relaxes your senses to relieve from stress and recharge yourself from a tiring day. It gives you inner and outer peace seeing and feeling your soft and smooth skin that you have one thing less to worry about.

Indulge yourself to the magic that Karma Ritual brings. Feel the vibes flowing through your face and body just like feeling the serenity and Zen Temple Peace.

Powder-to-sheet mask is a well thought transformation that makes skin cleansing easier and more convenient.

  • Soothing – Gives relief to itchy and irritated skin.

  • Revitalizing – Energizes the skin and restores strength to keep up with the daily activities.

  • Calming – Relaxes tired and stressed skin.

Key Ingredients: Matcha Green Tea, Turmeric and Sandalwood 


Matcha is a good source of antioxidants, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), that reduce skin inflammation like acne.  It removes dead skin cells and restores the underlying skin. It is gentle to the skin and safe for all skin types.


Turmeric is a proven anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce the swelling, pain and redness from acne.  It is a natural antiseptic that slows down the growth of bacteria and prevents skin infections. Turmeric is also high in anti-oxidants that is great for anti-aging, thus, makes the fine lines and wrinkles less visible.


Sandalwood has properties of an astringent that helps cleanse the skin and minimize pores. Its anti-inflammatory attribute helps prevent irritation. It is mild and gentle to the skin, keeping it soft and smooth.


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