Biovene Barcelona Amazon Jungle Super Fruit Fiesta


Amazon Jungle + Anti-Pollution-Moisturizing-Perfecting +  Skin Nourishing + Detoxify-Smoothen-Calm-Anti-Aging + Strength and Vigor + Celebrate Happy Skin + Natural Ingredients + Skin Cleansing Made Easier and Convenient + DIY Powder-to-sheet, 6.7g

Discovered in the rainforest, Amazon Jungle’s Super Fruit Fiesta combines Acai, Goji and Avocado to a unique DIY experience for anti-pollution, moisturizing and perfecting benefits to the skin.

For all skin types. All natural powder-to-sheet mask freshly mixed at home without chemical preservatives and stabilizers for a clean beauty facial experience. Water neutral, vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

  • Detoxify – Eliminates toxic particles in the skin and relieves skin from the skin damaging effects of stress.
  • Smoothen – Keeps skin moisturized, improves skin texture and tightens skin.
  • Calm - Reduces itch, redness and swelling of the inflamed skin.
  • Anti-aging – Provides skin the right amount of nourishment to slowdown skin degeneration.

It’s a jungle out there and you have to keep the skin healthy and strong to fight against skin threatening pollutants.  Biovène Amazon Jungle is created to provide skin strength and vigor.

It’s a combination of selected fruits that are in itself a powerhouse of skin nourishment and benefits. It’s definitely a Super Fruit Fiesta. Celebrate happy skin with Biovène Amazon Jungle powder-to-sheet mask.

Powder-to-sheet mask is a well thought transformation that makes skin cleansing easier and more convenient.

  • Anti-Pollution – Shields skin from the adverse effects of pollutants that can cause skin blemishes, premature aging and dryness.

  • Moisturizing – Keeps enough moisture in the skin.

  • Perfecting – Reduces skin blemishes, unclogs pores and tightens skin making pores appear smaller.


Key Ingredients: Acai, Goji and Avocado


Acai berry is a powerhouse of anti-aging properties that fight free radicals for a glowing and healthy skin.
It is high in anti-oxidants that fight toxins and harmful organisms. It has been widely used in minimizing skin discoloration and controlling acne.


Goji – Also known as “wolfberry”, Gojis are rich in minerals, amino acids and Vitamin C that help in maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin. It has Polysaccharides that are known for tightening and firming your skin while increasing hydration. It also has Carotenoids that give skin a healthy glow.


Avocado oil is a good source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids to moisturize skin. It also has Vitamin E that helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It has Lecithin and Potassium that help nourish the skin. It also has anti-oxidants such as vitamins A and C that help lessen inflammation like acne.




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