Catrice Astrology Limited Edition Eyes Palette

  • Brands Catrice
  • Product Code: Catrice 137
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The Eye Shadow Palette unites twelve matte, shimmering and sparkling eye shadow shades to create glamorous eye make-up styles. The colours of the eye shadow are perfectly aligned, colour-intensive and highly pigmented. These characteristics and the two integrated mirrors make the Eye Shadow Palette the perfect addition to any make-up collection.

Beauty Tip
No matter whether monochrome or Smokey Eyes - there are no limits to your imagination. The matte, shimmering and sparkling eye shadow colours can be worn individually or in combination. To make the eye make-up last longer and enhance the intensity, it's best to apply a base first. Then select a shade and spread it evenly over the moveable part of the lid. For a more expressive look, moisten the Eyeshadow Brush with a make-up spray when using the shimmering and sparkling colours. For multiple eye shadow shades: blend softly and create subtle transitions.

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